Water is indeed the source of life. Its flow reaches throughout our world and stretches imaginations. The water we race through, the water we struggle against, the water we fish in, the water that sometimes conquers us and that we sometimes conquer. It’s where we accomplish our greatest pursuits. It’s where we feel at home. It’s where we feel alive.

Boater goes big in House Rock Rapid with Cataract Oars

So when you’re out there, be prepared for all conditions. Bring only the best gear to the waters you love. Cataract® Oars has over forty years of filament winding experience that goes into every composite oar we manufacture. Only superior continuous carbon and glass fibers and high strength resins are used in our products. Whether you’re whitewater rafting, drift boating or just enjoying a lazy day of fishing, our composite oars require less maintenance than wood oars and have over twice the breaking strength of aluminum, yet they’re 40% lighter.