Cataract® Oars

Oars You Can Trust

Here at Cataract® Oars we bring you first-class composite oars and paddles at an affordable price. We strive to give you the ultimate river experience you long for, whether it’s the serene allure of casting your line, or the exhilarating bucking of rushing whitewater, our reliable oars will see you through.

Located in the heart of Utah, all our products are made in the USA and backed by 40 years of experience in composite design and manufacturing. Cataract® Oars’ select engineers put new meaning into oar performance and redesign adventure.

Composite Oars

Our most popular oar is the SGG. Designed to flex like wood oars yet rebound as a good carbon oar should, the SGG™ oars convert every ounce of muscle power into each stroke. You’ll feel in control on the water with these responsive, no nonsense oars. Through our patented method of filament winding, we make stronger, more durable oars than our competitors and keep them lightweight to reduce fatigue.

For larger, heavier boats we introduce the SGX. 33% stiffer than our SGG™ model, the SGX™ is perfect for maneuvering large vessels in tough conditions. The SGX™ will guide you to that unforgettable fishing spot with ease. Just remember to use all your saved energy to reel in the big one.

With many colors and styles to choose from, Cataract® Oars has something for everyone. And if we don’t, just ask one of our many distributors about a custom design. We’d be happy to oblige.

Filament Wound      Oar Blades

Whether you’re riding shallow water or deep water, calm rivers or burly rapids, we’ve got oar blades to fit your needs and style. Our blades are built to endure the rigor of the wild. With easy to use push-button locks, each blade is interchangeable, giving you the convenience of using one pair of oars for multiple purposes. All our blades float. Get the most out of your blades with Cataract® Oars.

Carbon Composite Kayak Paddles

You’ll fall in love with the stroke power and handling of our lightweight, top-quality carbon composite kayak paddle. The Deso™ Kayak Paddle is wound using premium carbon, making them strong, flexible, and light in your hands. We specially craft our kayak paddles to make the most of every stroke. Dominate the river with Cataract® Oars Deso™ Kayak Paddle.

Raft & Kayak Accessories

Need oar tethers or storage bags? Extra paddles or oars? Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered in our online store. So, bask in the majestic views of the Grand Canyon as you voyage down the Colorado. Relish the glory of a gnarly ride through Tumwater Canyon on the Wenatchee. Gear up, the river is calling.