Giving Back to the Community

Success in business is the result of a community of people. We love to give back to that community in meaningful ways. In the oar industry we rely heavily on the rivers and waterways, as do our supporters. Conservation is a vital element to ensure the river running industry thrives. At Cataract Oars we promote the health of American rivers and seek to preserve their unique properties; this is done through our support for, and contributions to, many charitable and environmental organizations. In addition, we provide support to local organizations that contribute to a robust community here in Salt Lake City, Utah. There’s a role for everyone when it comes to conservation. Always pack out more than you pack in.


Groups We Support

America Outdoors Association:

Outdoor Industry Association:

Utah Rivers Council:

Idaho Rivers United:

River Management Society:

American Whitewater:

Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival:

Mckenzie River Guides:


Common Ground Outdoor Adventures:

John Wesley Powell River History Museum:

KUER public radio:


Utah Food Bank:

Toys For Tots: