How to Install an Oar Stop

How do I install a rubber stop on my Cataract oar shaft?rope-wrap-and-oar-stop-on-Cataract-Oars-ice-blue-SGX-composite-oar-shafts

Some people struggle with the installation of the oar stop. The main thing they do wrong? They attempt to slide the stop down the length of the oar shaft. Not easy. Instead, roll it down the oar shaft. By roll, we mean flipping it over and over as it descends the length of the oar, so that it goes to inside out, back to right side in, repeat, and so on. To make the oar stop more pliable, consider soaking it in warm water.

Ease the oar stop over the rope wrap and into place.

When you’ve got it near its final resting place on the rope wrap portion of the oar shaft, you can work it over the rope wrap and nudge it into place with a small amount of sliding or shifting.