How to rope wrap Cataract Oars

Mariano-rope-wraps-Cataract-Oars-composite-oar-shaftsHow can I get a rope wrap on my Cataract Oars? Must I ship it to your oar manufacturing facility?

You can ship your oars to us (or, if you’re in the area, bring them by our shop). Our oar craftspeople will get your oar shafts wrapped with new rope in a few days. However, depending on where you live, shipping costs to and from Cataract Oars can be prohibitive, often costing far more than the actual rope-wrapping charge. Let’s talk about alternative options, for those who live far afield.

DIY: how hard can it be to rope-wrap an oar shaft on one’s own?

Pretty difficult, it turns out. A Google search will turn up any number of DIY instructionals for wrapping a set of oars. Be forewarned, however: rope-wrapping shops have special jigs and machines to make the process easier. Not to mention a ton of experience. For the inexperienced driveway wrapper, well, good luck.

It’s ok to not handle your oar rope wrap yourself.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Rare and intrepid is the oarsman (or woman) who attempts to rope wrap a pair of oars on their own.

Are there other rope-wrapping professionals who can take care of my Cataract Oars wrapping needs, perhaps in my area?

Cataract Oars has a number of retailers and partners who do a terrific job of rope-wrapping. If you are looking for more information about who they are, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact us form for more information. Hopefully, someone will be close enough to make it convenient and cost-effective to visit them!