What is the Cataract Oars warranty?

If we’re doing our job properly, this question should be completely unnecessary. However, in the infinitely rare chance that a warranty issue arises, the following guidelines apply.

We warranty our SGG, SGX and X-Wound oar shafts for a year against breakage that occurs during normal rowing. We warranty our Mini-Magnums, as well as all of our oar shafts and blades, for a year against manufacturer defect. The warranty clock begins on the date of sale.

Limitations on Cataract Oars warranty.rowing-a-dory-with-cataract-oars-x-wound-carbon-fiber-oar-shafts-at-river-delta

Cataract Oars warranty liability is limited to item repair or one-time replacement, at our discretion.

Cataract Oars requires a return authorization number and a proof of purchase (dated receipt) for all warranty items. Contact Dylan Holt at 801-467-1204 x312 (or email [email protected]) for a return authorization number. Note that we, like the rest of the business world, are available Monday through Friday, 8-5. MST.

You, the person making a warranty claim, are responsible for shipping costs to get the damaged items to us so that we can inspect them. To balance things out, we’re responsible for UPS Ground shipping costs when we return the repaired item, or its replacement, to you.

Oar shipping problems?

Shipping complications are handled separately, outside the scope of our warranty and return policy. If any Cataract Oars product is missing from a shipment or is damaged en route, contact us at 801-467-1204 or at [email protected] and we’ll get right on resolving it.