Photos Wanted

Does Cataract Oars want my awesome river photos featuring your products?Glenn-Dalgleish-takes-the-Deso-kayak-paddle-on-the-North-Fork-Payette-River-in-big-whitewater

Do we ever! We really appreciate customers and friends helping us out by sharing photos from your rafting and fishing trips.

What will I get for my Cataract Oars river and product shots?Chris-Spelius-and-Dane-Philpot-take-Cataract-Oars-in-big-whitewater-on-Chiles-Futaleufu-River

Our undying gratitude. While Cataract Oars has been known to exchange the occasional swag for photos, we really appreciate our friends and clients sharing with no strings attached. Hey, we’re all part of the same outdoors community, right? We’d do the same, in most scenarios, if the tables were turned. You know, if we had some photos that you wanted permissions for.