Cataract Oars Handles

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  • Our indexed foam grips have Cataract Oars original thumb notch that provides you with the perfect sight-free blade orientation. Confidently row with your eyes on what lies ahead.
  • Per your preference, we offer regular or counter-balance handle.
  • Counter-balance handles add 4lbs to the top of the oar shaft and reduce rower fatigue by balancing out the weight of the blade and lower shaft.
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Our handles feature an innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned grip. This results in superior blade orientation. Keep your eyes on the river and stop looking at your blades. These come counterbalanced or unweighted, your preference.

Not sure what you prefer? Try our removable counterbalance sleeves. These 4lb steel sleeves slide easily over the end of 1 7/8” oar shafts and secure to the shaft anywhere you want and are completely removeable.  The sleeves can be adjusted for multiple rowers, personal preference or varying conditions.