Cataract™ Oar Blade

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  • 25” wide, the Cataract™ blade is super tough incredible buoyant.
  • Extra buoyancy causes the blade to bob on the surface keeping oars in the oar locks when letting go to pull in that trophy fish.
  • The grooved blade insert prevents silt buildup inside the oar shaft and makes removal easy.
  • The easy to use push-button lock securely locks the blade in place and at the same time makes it a breeze to switch out the blade when needed. No tools necessary.
  • Add the Cataract Oar Blade Protector for even more bombproof durability.
  • Built for Cataract® Oars SGG™, SGX™, and X Wound™ shafts.



This is the original Cataract™ Oar blade offering. It remains a fixture for rowers who value durability combined with enhanced buoyancy. While all of our oar blades float, none bob so vigorously as the Cataract™. Hence the blade’s nickname: “floater.” Cataract® Oars offers an optional tip protector to envelop the Cataract™ blade’s lower extremity in a rugged sheath of dip-molded rubber. Great for every season, these blades can take a beating and keep on competing.