Deso™ Kayak Paddle

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  • The Deso™ is an all-around performance paddle great for whitewater kayaking.
  • Using Cataract® Oars patented filament winding process, the Deso™ Kayak Paddle is the dominate carbon fiber paddle.
  • Carbon fiber construction offers high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Ovalized grips provide you with ideal hand placement and superb grip.
  • The blade edges are reinforced with dynel edge protectors to prevent rock damage.
  •  Weight: 1050 g/37 oz

**All paddles are right hand control unless specified otherwise**

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The Deso™ Kayak Paddle is a whitewater Kayaker’s dream.

Built for playing hard in the water. First off, the Deso’s carbon fiber shaft and molded blades offer incredible strength while maintaining a lightweight swing. As a result, this reduces muscle strain without compromising quality. What’s more, the injection-molded urethane grips are ovalized and indexed providing added comfort and utility to the paddle. It’s easy to keep the right grip and blade orientation as you masterfully navigate the roughest waves. This is a whitewater kayak paddle birthed by aerospace science, ready to take on the world’s toughest rivers.

A Whitewater Kayak Paddle Made by Aerospace Engineers.

We use the same aerospace technologies and materials for all our oars. The Deso™ is no exception, and that makes it tough. Extremely tough. Its filament wound shaft and carbon fiber molded blade offer incredible resistance to deformation as you move buckets of whitewater with each swoop of the paddle. Our engineers have designed the blades of the kayak paddle with a lightweight foam core surrounded by compression molded high-grade carbon fiber for maximum possible strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, our paddle is nigh indestructible.

Desolation Canyon.

The Desolation Canyon stretch of the Green River—Deso, for short—is a popular Utah kayaking and rafting destination and a favorite whitewater stretch for many of us here at Cataract® Oars. Thus the name of our kayak paddle. In the spirit of its namesake, the Deso™ kayak paddle embodies simplicity and wildness. You can’t traverse Desolation Canyon in a single day. Once you drop in you’re in it for the long haul. So, it was important for us to build a lightweight paddle to reduce the strain on the back and shoulders. The Deso™ does just that. This work of precise engineering is never more at home than when encountering the elemental forces of nature. It pines for adventure, longs for the rushing waters.

Are you seeking a thrill? The Deso™ kayak paddle will take you places other paddles wouldn’t dare to brave. Get your hands on one and discover the world.


Sizing Guide

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Height of Person


4’8” – 5’2”191 cm
5’2” – 5’8”194 cm
5’8” – 6’197 cm
6’ – 6’3”200 cm
6’3” and over203 cm



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