Magnum II™ Oar Blade

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  • Our workhorse blade. At 7” wide, the 27.5” long blade moves a lot of water.
  • The blades ribbed surface reduces flutter adding strength to your rowing.
  • A grooved blade insert prevents the buildup of silt which makes it difficult to remove other blades.
  • This blade floats causing the oars to bob on the surface when you let go of the handle.
  • The easy to use push-button lock securely locks the blade in place and at the same time makes it a breeze to switch out the blade when needed. No tools necessary.
  • Built for Cataract Oars SGG™, SGX™, and X Wound™ shafts.



The most popular oar blade sold by Cataract® Oars, the Magnum II™ features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. This combination lends moderate flex and unparalleled strength to the blade. With 7 inches of width, it displaces a lot of water. You’ll feel it, too, when you surge forward every time you give it a good heave on the river. Compatible with the SGG™, SGX™, and X Wound™ oar shafts.