NRS Oar Tethers

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*Price is per set of 2 oar tethers.

  • An unexpected loss of an oar can ruin your whole day. The Oar Tether gives you a fighting chance to get that oar back in place in time to avert disaster.
  • There’s a stainless steel ring on one end and a webbing loop on the other end of the Tether.
  • Loop either the ring end or webbing end around the frame or oar mount.
  • Detach the blade from your oar and slide the oar shaft through the ring or loop on the other end of the Tether.
  • The NRS Cam Buckle joins the two halves of the Oar Tether and lets you adjust the length of the Tether and easily remove the oar.
  • The Tethers come as a pair, so you’ve got both oars protected.

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Keep your oars close to hand. We all do our best to avoid capsizing on the river, but it happens. When it does, your first goal is to right the raft or boat. Second goal—well, it’s a close tie between helping your compadres into the craft or getting your oars back to gain some control. If your companions are washing downstream, you’ll go for the oars. Unfortunately, without some tethers, your oars will be floating alongside your hapless friends and you’ll be at the mercy of the currents. If you’ve had the foresight to tether your oars, you’ll pull ’em up and go to collect folks from the drink. Made from sturdy nylon that will secure your oars during the worst spills imaginable, in the biggest rapids you’d dare raft.