SGG™ Oars

Where to buy.

$158.95 – 192.50

  • The SGG™ is a filament wound oar shaft made of strong fiberglass/carbon fiber.
  • An innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned handles gives you superior orientation of your blade while keeping your eyes on what lies ahead.
  • With 2x the breaking strength of aluminum at 60% of the weight, SGG™ oars are ready to take on any challenge.
  • Our shafts flex and rebound like wood oars without the need of constant refinishing.
  • Optional counterbalance handles add 4lbs at the top of the shaft reducing swing weight for less fatigue. See handles for more details and choices.
  • The SGG™ has a tough, urethane finish protecting the shaft from scratches, dings, and UV rays, increasing the life of the oar.
  • SGG™ oar shafts are compatible with the Cataract™, Cutthroat™, and Magnum II™ blades. These blades float.
  • Optionally, add a rope wrap to protect your shaft from wear, give you a quieter rowing experience, and achieve better control in the oar locks.
  • Shaft overall lengths include the approximately 27″ long blade (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths, please see the Specs section.


The legendary SGG™.

Designed to flex like wood oars at a fraction of the weight. Built tough to play rough. These are serious whitewater oars with unrivaled power transfer and near indestructible construction. Our SGG™ model is our most popular oar. It boasts twice the breaking strength of aluminum, and a flex to rival the best wood oars with significantly less maintenance. Our engineers designed this carbon fiber blend specifically to deliver the best in whitewater performance. An all-around oar for the unrelenting river goer. Compatible with Cataract™, Magnum™, Cutthroat™, and Razor™ oar blades.

Choosing the right SGG™ oar setup.

The SGG™ oar has a replaceable grip and features a glossy, low-maintenance urethane finish. And seven different colors options to choose from: black, blue, yellow, red, white, green and mocha. You can opt to have it wrapped in 3/16 diameter black rope. Wrapping your oar provides added protection, a quieter rowing experience, and a better fit in the oar locks. The shaft diameter before rope wrapping is 1 7/8 “.  Shaft Diameter with the rope wrap is 2 1/4”.

Cataract® Oars makes the SGG™ in six standard lengths  (the following lengths represent the complete oar with handle and blade): 8′, 8.5′, 9′, 9.5′, 10′ and 11′. Custom oar lengths, are available upon request.

SGG™ oars are available in a breakdown two-piece spare.

It’s always a good idea to keep a spare handy, but an extra oar can take up a lot of space. The breakdown two-piece version of our SGG™ shaft condenses to stow easy. On the water, snap the two halves together and you’ve got a full-length oar ready to row.