Stealth Stik™

$289.00 Tax

  • Premium composite materials create a reliable push pole you can use again and again.
  • Two-piece assembly for easy access and storability on your rig.
  • Each piece is 6’ in length.
  • Overall length of 12’.


One tool every serious fisherman needs on his rig is a solid push pole. The Stealth Stik™ push pole by Cataract Oars is made of premium composite materials. Incredibly strong, our carbon fiber/fiberglass composite push pole gives you the ability to stake off when needed and push through the toughest bottoms. The Stealth Stik™ breaks down into two-pieces for easy transportation and convenient stowing. Great for use with kayaks, paddle boards, and flats. Whatever you’re fishing in you’ll be thrilled to glide silently along the water stalking your wary prey with this lightweight, high-performance push pole.