X Wound™ Oars

Where to buy.

$203.95 – $242.95

  • Lighter than the SGG™ and SGX™ shafts by half a pound, the X Wound reduces muscle strain on those long river outings.
  • Our X Wound™ oar shaft is made of filament wound fiberglass/carbon fiber. 2x the breaking strength of aluminum at 60% of the weight. These oars flex and rebound like wood oars without the need of constant refinishing.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, the X Wound™ has a unique, all-carbon fiber outer layer which makes it only available in black.
  • An innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned handles gives you superior orientation of your blade while your eyes stay on what lies ahead.
  • Optional counterbalance handles add 4lbs at the top of the shaft reducing swing weight for less fatigue. See handles for more details and choices.
  • The X Wound™ has a tough, urethane finish protecting the shaft from scratches, dings, and UV rays increasing the life of the oar.
  • X Wound™ oar shafts are compatible with the Cataract™, Cutthroat™, and Magnum II™ blades. These blades float.
  • Optionally, add a rope wrap for quieter rowing.
  • Shaft overall lengths include the approximately 27″ long blade (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths, please see the Specs section.


Looking for a great oar to take you down that long river stretch?

First off, grab an X Wound™ Cataract® Oar and give your muscles big relief.  X Wound™ oars shore muscle fatigue by shaving off a ½ pound of weight. Consequently, your energy lasts longer giving you more time on the river. More energy for casting your line, more intensity in navigating gnarly drops. Simply put, more stamina for doing what you love.

Time-tested filament wound construction and great handling as our legendary SGG™ oars, just less of the weight.

This means X wound™ oars give you the flex and rebound of a wood oar while eliminating the need of constant refinishing. Less maintenance equals more time to play. And with twice the breaking strength of aluminum, you can play hard with oars you trust.

A complete carbon fiber outer layer creates light oars while adding a stunning aesthetic.

It’s a design that looks good and feels good.  The X Wound™ oar has that extraordinary hot look that turns heads, so you can display your style and save your back at the same time. Discover the benefits for yourself. Reduce the strain on your muscles and create a lifetime of happy river memories.