Oar Shafts

Choosing the Right Oars

Cataract® Oars are all crafted from carbon and fiberglass materials through our patented filament winding process. Their strength-to-weight ratio is astounding – much stronger and lighter than wood and aluminum oars. We not only give you oars built with tougher, lightweight carbon composites, but do so at a fraction of the cost of oars made from inferior material. Grabbing hold of one of these babies is always a good decision.

Cataract® Oars SGG™

Our SGG™ model is our most popular oar. It boasts twice the breaking strength of aluminum, and a flex to rival the best wood oars with significantly less maintenance. This carbon fiber blend was designed specifically by our engineers to deliver the best in whitewater performance. These oars also come in a two-piece option for space saving. The SGG™ is an all-around oar for the unrelenting river goer.

Cataract® Oars SGX™

33% stiffer than the SGG™, the SGX™ model is perfect for larger boats and truly belligerent water. Built to resist surges and be more responsive, the SGX™ handles burly swells like a task master. When braving the wildest waters, having an SGX™ on hand is a game changer.

Cataract® Oars X Wound™

Grab an X Wound™ Cataract® Oar and give your muscles big relief.  X Wound™ oars shore muscle fatigue by shaving off a ½ pound of weight. An X Wound™ oar still handles like an SGG, it’s just lighter. A complete carbon fiber exterior makes the oar more lightweight and gives it a stunning look. The X Wound™ is a great option for those just looking to reduce muscle strain.

Cataract® Oars KBO™

The KBO™ was designed for smaller boats by shortening the shafts and creating the ideal rowing configuration for drift boats, kick boats and other small craft. For portability, the KBO™ oars breakdown into two pieces. While built with the same tough materials and fabricated using our patented filament winding technique, this oar is not a replacement for our bigger oars. Rather, the KBO™ is a great option for kick boats and small fishing vessels. Its breakdown design makes it perfect for space saving and carrying.

Putting it all Together

Cataract® Oars have been the oar of choice for fishermen, and women, since its inception in 1985. Drift boaters and professional guides have relied on our oars for over three decades. We take into consideration every aspect of your river rowing expectations. From blades and oars to handles and sleeves.

Many options exist for every one of our oars, and our filament winding technique gives ultimate control in manufacturing allowing complete customization of length and other specs.


We craft blades for rough water and calm, shallow and deep. All our blades are interchangeable with push button locks so you can use the same oars in every condition. And grooved blade inserts prevent silt buildup inside the oar shaft making removal a breeze.


Our handles feature an innovative thumb notch on the end of the rubber-cushioned grip. This results in superior blade orientation. Keep your eyes on the river and stop looking at your blades. These come counterbalanced or unweighted, your preference. Not sure what you prefer? Try our H2O counterbalance system that includes both types of handles, or purchase one of our removable counterbalance sleeve.

Rope Wrap

Rope wraps are available for all oars. To protect your oar shaft from wear, give you a quieter rowing experience, and achieve better control in the oar lock, we wrap our SGG™, SGX™, and X Wound™ oars in 3/16” black rope. Our KBO™ oar shaft is wrapped with 1/8” black rope. This service is optional. For shaft diameters with and without rope wrap, see the product specs section.

A Final Word

Before purchasing your oars, know the specifications of your boat, or raft, to ensure you get the proper length, weight, and mounting options you’ll enjoy.